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This page shows all of the simconfig options for quick and easy reference. Note that all values are default.


 -run                 Run under simulation [disabled]
 -stop                Stop current simulation run and wait for command [disabled]
 -kill                Kill PTLsim inside domain (and ptlmon), then shutdown domain [disabled]
 -flush               Flush all queued commands, stop the current simulation run and wait [disabled]

General Logging Control

 -quiet               Do not print PTLsim system information banner [disabled]
 -logfile             Log filename (use /dev/fd/1 for stdout, /dev/fd/2 for stderr) [ptlsim.log]
 -loglevel            Log level (0 to 99) [0]
 -startlog            Start logging after iteration <startlog> [0]
 -startlogrip         Start logging after first translation of basic block starting at rip [18446744073709551615]
 -consolelog          Replicate log file messages to console [disabled]
 -logbufsize          Size of PTLsim ptl_logfile buffer (not related to -ringbuf) [524288]
 -logfilesize         Size of PTLsim ptl_logfile [67108864]
 -dump-state-now      Dump the event log ring buffer and internal state of the active core [disabled]
 -screenshot          Takes screenshot of VM window at the end of simulation []
 -log-user-only       Only log the user mode activities [disabled]
 -dump-config-file    Dump Simulated Machine Configuration into Specified file instead of log file []

Statistics Database

 -stats               Statistics data store hierarchy root []
 -yamlstats           Statistics data stores in YAML format []
 -stats-format        Statistics output format, default is YAML [yaml]
 -snapshot-cycles     Take statistical snapshot and reset every <snapshot> cycles [inf]
 -snapshot-now        Take statistical snapshot immediately, using specified name []
 -time-stats-logfile  File to write time-series statistics (new) []
 -time-stats-period   Frequency of capturing time-stats (in cycles) [10000]

Trace Start/Stop Point

 -startrip            Start at rip <startrip> [18446744073709551615]
 -fast-fwd-insns      Fast Fwd each CPU by <N> instructions [0]
 -fast-fwd-user-insns Fast Fwd each CPU by <N> user level instructions [0]
 -fast-fwd-checkpoint Create a checkpoint <chk-name> after fast-forwarding []
 -stopinsns           Stop after executing <stopinsns> user instructions [inf]
 -stopcycle           Stop after <stop> cycles [inf]
 -stopiter            Stop after <stop> iterations (does not apply to cycle-accurate cores) [inf]
 -stoprip             Stop before rip <stoprip> is translated for the first time [18446744073709551615]
 -stop-at-marker      Stop after PTLCALL_MARKER with marker X [inf]
 -stop-at-marker-hits Stop after PTLCALL_MARKER is called N times [inf]
 -stopinsns-rel       Stop after executing <stopinsns-rel> user instructions relative to start of current run [inf]
 -bbinsns             In final basic block, only translate <bbinsns> user instructions [65536]
 -flushevery          Flush the pipeline every N committed instructions [inf]
 -kill-after-run      Kill PTLsim after this run [disabled]

Event Trace Recording

 -event-record        Save replayable events (interrupts, DMAs, etc) to this file []
 -event-record-stop   Stop recording events [disabled]
 -event-replay        Replay events (interrupts, DMAs, etc) to this file, starting at checkpoint []

Timers and Interrupts

 -corefreq            Core clock frequency in Hz (default uses host system frequency) [2301000000]


 -enable-checker      Enable emulation based checker [disabled]
 -checker-startrip    Start checker at specified RIP [18446744073709551615]

Out of Order core (ooocore)

 -perfect-cache       Perfect cache performance: all loads and stores hit in L1 [disabled]


 -dumpcode            Save page of user code at final rip to file <dumpcode> [test.dat]
 -dump-at-end         Set breakpoint and dump core before first instruction executed on return to native mode [disabled]
 -bbdump              Basic block cache dump filename []
 -verify-cache        run simulation with storing actual data in cache [disabled]

Core Configuration

 -machine             Name of machine configuration to simulate []

Memory Hierarchy Configuration

bus configuration:

 -enable-mongo        Enable storing data to MongoDB serve [disabled]
 -mongo-server        Server Address running MongoDB []
 -mongo-port          MongoDB server's port address [27017]
 -bench-name          Benchmark Name added to database []
 -tags                tags added to database []

Unit Test Framework

 -run-tests           Run Test cases [disabled]

options for tools/utilities

 -execute-after-kill  Execute a shell command (on the host shell) after simulation receives kill signal []

Synchronization Options

 -sync                Number of simulation cycles between synchronization [0]

Simpoint Options

 -simpoint            Create simpoint based checkpoints from given 'simpoint' file []
 -simpoint-interval   Number of instructions in each interval [10000000]
 -simpoint-chk-name   Checkpoint name prefix [simpoint]
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