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Increase QEMU Image Size

Follow steps given below to increase the size of QEMU image.

1- Convert to a raw image

   qemu-img convert system.qcow -O raw system.raw

2- Increase the size of the raw image

   dd if=/dev/zero of=system.raw seek=N obs=1GB count=0

where N is the number of GigaBytes

IF NTFS: Fix the NTFS BPB Edit the raw file: hexedit system.raw Goto to offset 7E00: 7E00 Change 80 to FF at offset 7E1A and save: FF --> Ctrl-x --> y

3. Use gparted or other similar live-cd system to resize your 'ext' or 'ntfs' partitions

4. Boot to your new disk image and make sure everything is working fine.

5. If you need to save space, convert back to qcow

   qemu-img convert system.raw -O qcow growed-system.qcow
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