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Please go to #Released Versions section for released tarballs. As Marss is under heavy development we strongly recommend users to download from #Git Repository that contains latest bug-fixes and new features.

Note: Please register for MARSS development mailing list to receive email notifications about the latest bug-fixes and developement updates to MARSS.

Git Repository

We recommend to get the latest working tree from git repository as it will contain latest bug fixes and most up-to-date code. You can download the source using git by following command:

$ git clone git://

This repository contains following different branches:

  • master: Default branch that contains release code and major bug-fixes.
  • features: This branch contains new features and some bug-fixes that are being tested. Its recommended that you pull changes from this branch to apply latest bug-fixes
  • qemu: This branch merges QEMU official release to MARSS. Once the merge is tested thoroughly it will be merged into master branch for next release.
  • mt-sim: This branch support experimental multi-threaded simulation mode. For more details on mt-sim checkout this blog post.

Git repository is hosted on GitHub.

Released Versions

  • 0.4 : Plugin support for new modules and stats scripts with bug fixes.
  • 0.3 : Introduces new features like Simpoint and Fast-Forwarding support with bug fixes to reduce run-by-run variations.
  • 0.2.1 : Bug fix release with couple of new features.
  • 0.2 : Introducing new modular framework and many new features along with many bug fixes.
  • 0.1.1 : Important bug fix over 0.1 release
  • 0.1 : First release

Disk Images

We provide two disk images for getting started quickly with MARSS. You can download them from Disk Images page.

Kernel Config

Following are Linux kernel configuration files stripped down to use with Marss or QEMU/KVM for fast boot.

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