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  • New Feature: Plugins directory to easily attach external tools to MARSS
  • New Feature: Compile process scan 'config' directory for machine configuration files with .conf extension
  • New Feature: Plugin support in ''
    • Cache Summary - Stats plugin to summarize cache stats
    • Table - Stats plugin to create table of specific nodes
  • New Feature: Generate McPat XML files using [from Jared & Jessy]
  • Logging to simulation log file from VM using new ptlcall_log
  • Improved memory controller bandwidth [ from Zheng Hongzhong]
  • Bug fixes in fast-forwarding support
  • Bug fixes in bus interconnect
  • Fix issues with 'rep' instruction prefix
  • Bug fix in 'mwait' instruction
  • Bug fix in reading long lines from simconfig file


  • Fixes in clock offset that reduces run-by-run variations significantly
  • Fast-forwarding support
  • Simpoint support
  • Code-cleanup - removed all warnings
  • Synchronization between multiple instance of Marss
  • Fixes in coherence protocol to improve memory performance
  • Improvements to '' script


  • QCOW2 disk image read-only mode support
  • Synchronize multiple simulation instances using new ‘-sync’ option
  • Important bug fixes in cache hierarchy
  • Added ‘option’ configuration support to interconnects
  • Separate user/kernel stats collection in Split-Phase bus module
  • Bug fix in related to parallel simulation runs
  • Increased x87 instruction threshold to print warning message


  • New Statistics Collection Framework
  • New Modular Core, Cache and Interconnect Framework
  • Upgraded Qemu to 0.14.1 release [from Adnan]
  • Atom Core Model
  • MOESI Cache Model
  • Switch Interconnect Model
  • Machine Configuration for easy designs
  • Periodic Stats Dump support [from Paul]
  • Better Utility scripts
  • Bug fixes related to QEMU interface
  • Integrated Google Test Framework (gtest)


  • Bug fixes in statistics collections
  • Bug fix in Simple Cache Controller related to ‘memory_op_update’
  • Added support for ‘POP SEG_REG’ instruction [from Jarnau]
  • Fix error print when running with >3.5GB of RAM size [from Paul]
  • Bug fix in ‘ptlstats’ in using ‘-subtract’ option
  • Added option to execute user specified command after simulation completes [from Paul]
  • Bug fix in cpuController, attached callback function to queueAccess_ signal
  • Improvded code readability in cache code by replacing signal-attachment code with macro
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