Run-time Configuration

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Following run-time configuration parameters are supported in MARSS. These parameters are passed via simconfig option. You can pass simconfig parameters via:

  • Command-line switch -simconfig and passing a file that contains configuration parameters.
    $ qemu/qemu-system-x86_64 -simconfig config_file <OTHER_QEMU_OPTIONS>
  • Qemu monitor command simconfig as shown below:
    (qemu) simconfig -machine MACHINE_NAME -logfile SIMLOGFILE -stats SIMSTATSFILE <OTHER_CONFIG_PARAMETERS>

Following is a sample configuration file format:

-logfile LOGFILE
-loglevel 10 -startlog 10M
# This line is Commented
# -logfilesize 2G
-stats STATSFILE  # Stats are stored in YAML format
-tags private_l2,scheme_x,spec2006
-bench-name astar

As shown in above example, you can write more than one configuration options in one line. Text after '#' character are treated as comment and ignored by configuration parser.

Configuration Parameters

Parameter Description
-help Print the help message, showing all the parameters and machine names
-run Start simulation. If emulation is running, it will switch to simulation mode.
-stop Stop simulation and switch to emulation mode.
-kill Kill Marss instance.
-quiet Do not print any messages on STDOUT.
Logging Parameters
-logfile FILENAME Log file name, use '/dev/fd/1' for stdout and '/dev/fd/2' for stderr
-loglevel N Log level (0 to 99)
-startlog N Start logging after N cycles
-startlogrip RIP Start logging after first translation of RIP address
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